Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Watch! The Hottest Girls Cosplay SDCC 2016

Hottest Girls Cosplay SDCC 2016

Video of the Hottest Girls of Cosplay at #SDCC 2016.

The best part of San Diego Comic-Con: awesome cosplay!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Five tips: How to Draw Capes for Comic Books

Part one: Cape Drawing Basics
Drawing capes for superheroes is pretty easy with practice. 

  1. Folds in fabric are like folds in paper but not as forgiving. 
  2. The basic cape is a half circle.
  3. Pleating at the top is small, opening wider at the bottom.
  4. Real fabric isn't as forgiving as comic book material.
  5. Practice making curves on the out side edge, then connecting to the neck.
How to Cape Drawing Instructions

Molten - Heart of Fire

Moon Knight #5 Cover Art by Wilfredo Torres

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Batman V Superman Beats Deadpool? Say What?

Deadpool is a better movie than BvS.

DP had less star power in actors. DP does not have the global appeal of Superman or Batman. DP was filmed by a nearly unknown director. DP had waaay less money for advertisement and promotion than BvS and still had a higher return on profit.
Guardians of the Galaxy had a Production Budget: $170 million, also a nearly unknown property by regular movie goers. That movie made $773 million with no previously successful franchises like Batman or Superman.
DC and Snyder should have done better than just beating one shot movies.
Think about it...logically. Chimichunga!

An argument against this article from Epic Stream
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